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People Magazine Review- 4/4 stars!!! FIRST POST FINALLY UPDATED!!!


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haha, justin, way to forget when we're all WAITING on you...:P


or you could upload it to a site like imageshack if you have an account, but it would be faster just to do the paperclip thing like mich said. "new reply" and then the paperclip :D

its near the buttons where you change the font color and size etc etc...just click it and it opens in a new window.

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what are you talking about, its not there? it's not in the quick reply box, you have to click the "POST REPLY" button at the bottom left of all the posts on this page.


I know. its not there

i have the remove text thing, then the font, then the font size, then the font color, then the smilies, then the undo/redo

its not there

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I'll just type it up, its not that long





"On the brilliant, anthemic title track of Coldplay's fourth studio disc, Chris Martin sings about remembering past glories: "I used to rule the world/ Seas would rise when I gave the word." But as Viva La Vida demonstrates, Coldplay's world domination is very much in the here and now. This is the work of a band at the peak of its powers, the album to beat in 2008-hands down. Building on 2005's excellent X&Y, the CD finds Coldplay stretching out sonically with the help of U2 producer Brian Eno (only furthering the case for this quartet as the new U2). Their more expansive sound extends from flamenco rythms and Middle Eastern textures to sweeping strings and hard rock guitars. On "Yes," maybe the darkest place they've ever gone, the famously falsettoed Martin even explores his lower register to eerie effect. The tour de force, though, comes on "42" a three-part epic that starts off as a classic Coldplay piano ballad, kicks into a prog-style instrumental jam and turns into a full-on stadium stomper. As on other songs, the spectater of death lurks: "Those who are dead are not dead/They're just living in my head." But Coldplay has never sounded more vital."

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