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Hi!! Another Aussie joins the board


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Hi everyone, my name is Annie, I'm 18 yrs old and a uni student born and bred in Sydney.

I've been a Coldplay fan since I first heard "Yellow" way back in 2000, but I didn't become a full on fan until I heard "The Scientist" and rushed to my local HMV (R.I.P) to get "A Rush..." I have to admit, they really got me through drama class in high school.

I've seen them once live in 2006 and can honestly say it was the best concert I've ever been to.


I look forward to joining in the madness!


(PS, haven't heard VLV yet, I'm buying it after my last exam on Thursday!)

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Hey Annie! Welcome, i'm Joel, from Melbourne, also at Uni. "Clocks" got me into Coldplay, but like you, A Rush of Blood to the Head was my first Coldplay album. Do you have VLV?


*high fives* Don't have VLV just yet, I'm getting it on thursday. I'm so psyched to hear it!

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