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Save By The Bell!!!


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[[ thread inspired by jewelee! ]]


lol. who didn't love this show? it was so good. i can't believe they haven't released a dvd of all the episodes, or at least the most popular.


remember the season when they worked at the beach resort? those were some of my favourite episodes!

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i knew sara would come through for me! :smug:


and at my school we have those kind of lockers! well, they've got these boxes on the sides that make it hard to fit in next too, but you can fit grade nine kids in there no sweat! lol.

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HOLY CANOLI!! I love Saved By The Bell!! Zach Morris is so the man!! hahaha.... I loved when he and Kelly were about to get back together in the Palm Springs episodes!! AHHHH!! The excitement!! Thanks Nadine for bringing back the memories!!


Anyone remember when Lisa, Kelly and Jessie started their girl group?? I memorized the songs!! SHUT UP! I"m cool!! :cool:

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