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Ripping videos from BBC website


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Those videos are the latest(ish) attempt to stop ripping , they are in FLV format playing through a RTMP protocol , recording streaming video off your video card will also capture glitches as well but for keeping to watch later screen capture programs are the easiest way to go .


If you wish to download the videos - use Orbit Downloader , its freeware - read the instructions , I tried it on one of the Wimbledon videos and it worked fine , for some reason though my PC has got its codecs or associations in a tizzy , I had to rename the suffix from .flv to .wmv to make it play (although its a flv file) .

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I`ll add another piece of advice I was given the other day about them concerning downloading this type of video , in the context of downloading with Orbit


Start Orbit

within Orbit start Grab++

Press play on the video you want

in the Grab++ screen it`ll come up with an entry defined as an FLV , tick its box and click Download

***Let the download finish before you stop the video playing in its window


The last step is apparently important .

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Is it possible to save videos from Channel 4 On Demand too? The videos are downloaded as WMV files and are saved to your hard-drive, but they expire after 2 days. I think Orbit only works with videos actually on the internet - is there any programme that allows me to save 4OD vids or remove the expiry date, or would a screen grabber like WM Capture be best for that?

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