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heya to all coldplayers


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Hey out there!

I kinda did it the wrong way around, i've been posting all day, and haven't introduced myself so hope y'all forgive me!


I've been a coldplay fan since I stumbled across trouble, got parachutes, and well I might aswell just finish this cheesy sentence: I was in trouble!

I've been a coldplaying.com fan for a longer period of time, but decided I should join the forum today!

so you'll be seeing more of me!


enjoy the music everyone!

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No forgiveness! If you don't introduce yourself FIRST you are banned from the forum!:veryangry2:









JK, I like to scare noobs sometimes.



Good thing I don't scare that easily! :stunned:

hope I can make up for it by contibuting to this forum!

see you around!

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