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I think AROBTTH is one of the best CDs of all time, and I absolutely adored Coldplay before X&Y. After X&Y's release I began to lose faith fast, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt... it was their 3rd CD and only bad one of the bunch (we wont go into why X&Y sucked so much because if you don't know then I'm not really interested in discussing music with you anyway).


I totally agree with you here. Adored the second album, really disliked the third.


Now with VLV etc. I think they have gone the wrong direction again. The new CD will be their most popular obviously, but because it is undoubtedly pop, and over-produced.


I don't find it poppy at all. If anything, X&Y is more of a poppy album. Pop songs are often very simple - verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, key change/bridge, big finale chorus. There's not a whole lot of that on here - Coldplay's songs are a bit more complex than that.


This album showcases a lot of new influences - African hooks on "Strawberry Swing", a strong Bollywood influence on "Lost!" and darker, almost Eastern-European strings on "Yes". To me, the introduction of more guitar and violin makes it sound more like the Arcade Fire than anything else, which are about as far removed from the idea of formulaic pop as anyone.



"those who are dead are not dead/ they're just living in my head" (wow that was painful to type even)


I have to concur with Chris' Nuts, because this lyric is from 42, which I would probably say is my least favourite track on the entire record. However I think it's a definite step up or improvement in lyricism from X&Y.


Your opinion is noted, and I gather that not everyone likes every album a musician or group produces. Hell, Bob Dylan had two sets of fans - the ones who liked the folk/acoustic set and the ones who liked the electric set. But there's no way I can agree with you that Coldplay are selling out and turning poppy. This is an original album with ten stunning songs, and I would say it actually tops what could have been Coldplay's only masterpiece, "A Rush of Blood To The Head."

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You gotta look at it like a packet of WeetaBix, After a while you need something new and I think that this is exactly what VLVODAAHF is. It's fresh and its on par with AROBTTH. I know in my circles/people I know its drawn a new group of people who like Coldplay, I mean for once my brother will actually have a sensible music discussion with me

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