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just introducing myself


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sweety 230 told me to post here :) so i'm just going to say hello!!! i'm laura from maryland on the east coast, only seen coldplay twice, perhaps three times by this friday..umm i adore jonny, and art, and all that is coldplay, and lots of other music too! umm i guess that's it...ohh does anyone know where to find the blue room ep.. besides singles i'm pretty sure that's the only one i don't have, and i want it :D i guess i probably have to import it or something...


anyway, just making my introduction, how is everyone on this fine sunday? :)


[edit] i appologize i didn't see that there was a post specifically for introducing yourself a few threads down .... you may delete or move this one over there, sorry

perhaps i should have read that faq's but the link doesn't work for me??

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thanks guys, i'm just fine enjoying a day off...

woohoo yeah howie's my favorite :) you guys should check him out ...anyway, i also love led zeppelin, sigur ros, radiohead, travis, starsailor, jeff buckley, U2, the verve, dmb, tori amos, ani difranco, bright eyes, jason mraz.... to name a few lol the list can go on for quite a while i'll just end it there..... quick question what's up with the pints under our user name? why do i have crappy pale ale? and some people have guiness?

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i think it does change to guinness once you reach a thousad....the every one you get a glass.


btw hi i'm ginger. like all your music, led zeppelin....me too


that kazaa makes a lot of ppls computer not work. its not a very good site but it does give me what i want....thats why i stayed with it and not leave to pay money to be with someone else.

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ahh very clever with the beer choices... yeah comps like to stop working for me too sometimes' date=' go here http://www.thehdtb.com for more info on howie and meet other crazy fans like me we're a very friendly bunch over there... you can ask sarah she thought we were going to bite :)[/quote']


I didn't think you were going to bite I was just trying to be cheeky :roll:

And don't worry about making this thread. The other one was long forgotten, at least I forgot about it. I should get one extra pint just because I brought someone over :P And we are all a friendly bunch here and there's so few of us that actually post it's quite a nice small community.


Try to make it to our Forum Christmas Party on Sunday the 15th. I think Maryland is EST so it's gonna be 3:00pm for you :)

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