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Lovers in Japan in concert

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I loved it, deeply, from the very first minute a link to the acoustic was posted here...


Seeing it live with the confetti just took things to a ridiculous new level. Like arriving in heaven and God saying 'here's a big bowl of ice cream, would you like a foot massage while you eat it?' :D


And I haven't seen the montage yet - I do hope it's not stereotypical, but am sure Coldplay have the right advisers in all things Japanese for it not to be (and if not then they need me!!)

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hey does anyone know if there is any meaning or symbolism behind the butterflies?

i think it can only try to symbolise, more to make us think of those colourful mornings in Japan (as remember said he wrote it when he woke up on an early morning)... so many colours fall from the top to people.


also may it ca try to represent that "Viva La Vida" album is a colourful album


i think there's not so special meaing in the fact that this confetti are butterflies, thought is more logical that confetti is of a flying animal than if it were for instance cats... that's not so logical.


good question.


i'll go off-topic, but does any coldplayer has recorded the videos that are shown on the big screen of the stage during the concert?

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