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Woolly jumper!!


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A woolly jumper: The sheep that leapt onto the roof of a two-storey house


By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 12:01 PM on 01st August 2008



The old sterotypical tale of the fire brigade rescuing a cat stuck up a tree got a new day twist when a barmy sheep caused a stir by climbing onto the roof of a two-storey house.


The animal got stuck and had to be rescued from the roof in Harrogate, North Yorks, after finding its way into the garden of one of the nearby cottages.


The intrepid animal managed to jump onto a small outbuilding before skipping up to the top.



article-1040550-0223133E00000578-779_468x363.jpg The sheep caused quite a stir and attracted a crowd of onlookers

Fire crews were called to the aid of the woolly jumper as crowds watched as an aerial platform was raised up to reach the creature.


Firefighters on the platform tried to steer the sheep to safety but the sheep had other ideas and ran onto an adjacent slate roof, which had become slippery in the rain, and he fell off.


article-1040550-0223133A00000578-743_468x608.jpg The fire brigade tried to rescue the runaway sheep

He suffered a broken rear leg, which is currently being treated.


Firefighter Ben Cairns said: 'It's possibly the most unusual animal that we have attempted to rescue from a roof.


'It slipped off the front of the property and landed. It was fine, although its leg was injured. We left it with villagers who knew the local farmer.

'Every effort was made to protect the animal from becoming harmed.'


article-1040550-022312A200000578-265_468x339.jpg Fire crews were shocked to see the animal on top of the roof

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Sheep gets stuck on roof of house




Firefighters got a surprise when they were called to rescue a sheep from the roof of a house in North Yorkshire.


The sheep got onto the roof after climbing onto a kennel and a shed before getting onto the low roof of an adjoining building.


It then made a short leap on to the roof of a house in the village of Middlesmoor, North Yorkshire.


Fire crews tried to rescue the sheep but it eventually fell from the roof and suffered a broken leg.


The animal was left with a local farmer so it could be treated.


Officers who took part in the rescue attempt were unavailable for comment but their colleague Paul Ferguson, a watch manager at Harrogate Fire Station, said: "It's the first time I've heard of having to rescue an animal from a roof!


"It would have been a difficult situation because you can't know how the sheep is going to behave in those circumstances and obviously it took the wrong course of action.


"I would imagine the officer in charge had little hope of getting a safe situation for the sheep because of its nervous behaviour."



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