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offering screenprinting help

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It was recommended to me that I should drop by here and post.


I own a tshirt design/screenprint business. I offered to make some COLDPLAYING tshirts for the members so we could be recognized by other members. This was before I knew about CCC.


I am offering my services to the forum and should be able to get members and forum moderators a better price than cafepress. I will also donate all proceeds to OXFAM. I am not posting this to step on any toes, but rather to keep printing costs down for all involved.


Not sure who to send this to so I am posting it here.




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Yeah, I could definitly have fun with these. Especially since I love the band so much and its cheaper than buying a concert tee.


Like I said, I don't want to step on any toes, but if we can save money, why not?


Who did the original logos for the tees? Does anyone know? I can print the current tees too, and then people can submit designs, and I can come up with some too!


Now I am all giddy! LOL



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