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Bill O' Reilly


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"Bill O'Reilly: Coldplay Have 'Demeaned The United States This Summer'


In an August 10th Op-Ed in the Boston Herald, Bill O’Reilly takes a select group of musicians to task for what he views as their disparaging stance – which they disseminate through their songs – against the United States.


In particular, he singles out Bruce Springsteen, Chris Martin (of Coldplay), and Neil Young, who in his words have “demeaned the United States this summer” (ostensibly on their respective concert tours) by performing such seemingly condemnatory material. Summarizing their concerts, he says, “They yell out dumb stuff to their zombie followers and revel in the applause.”


Odds are that O’Reilly has neither attended a recent concert by any of the three artists he chastises nor listened to their most recent albums to discern some semblance of honest context. Lest someone take his word for it, though, nowhere on Magic (Springsteen), Viva la Vida (Coldplay), or Living With War (Young) do any songs – even those most critical of the president, his administration’s policies, and actions – amount to or condone across-the-board contempt toward America and its citizens. "




Oh Bill....that guy is unbelievable and, really, I have too many things to say against him so I'm not gonna make list because it would take forever. He's just ridiculous and obnoxious. I wonder if he has seen the little video about him during the VLV tour....

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I guess the only reason he never says "Everyone I don't like hates America" is because if he did, there would be nothing more to say, and the show would end. Why doesn't he just get that over with so we can stop hearing him say stupid stuff all the time? :rolleyes:

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Oh Bill, where did it all go wrong?


Why is it that seemingly the entire media circus is made up of people who continually spout stupid shite without checking their facts first? Now I've read Papa Bear's books and he has a lot of very interesting points - I do not agree with everything he says, of course, as sometimes I think he is waaaay wrong - but on other issues I think he's on the right track.


Its been a sad week for me. The quality of Stewart and Colbert's shows has not managed to regain the lofty heights it held before the writer's strike last fall. And the last two episodes of the Report have fallen flat. How can you make jokes out of what's going on in Darfur or people who are legally prescribed marijuana to deal with crippling backpain and make them seem like idiots?


I've lost faith in the mass media. The fact that I ever had any in it now makes my skin crawl. Everyone is so busy pushing their own narrow-minded agenda that the greater good isn't serviced.


Therefore this comment by O'Reilly isn't surprising. Who can we turn to for proper, fair and balanced news reporting? Where's Edward R. Murrows when we need him? Or Clark Kent, for that matter?!

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This guy is such a tool. God, it's bad enough that he insults Chris Martin but legends like Bruce Springsteen and Neil effing Young? God!


Especially when Neil Young is so desperately trying to spread a message of anti-war and hope for people...


I personally hope Bill O'Reilly accidentally stumbles into a CP concert one of these days. I'd love to see the crowds deal with him:sneaky:

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