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LSD is the way to go.


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Hello boys and girls, we gladly introduce ourselves:


We're a collaboration of some of the woodstock stars. The real woodstock stars from 1969. We are sitting in a "How to use a computer at the age of 60?" course right now and we had to do some google searching. So, we entered woodstock and this is the place where we landed. Obviously because of one of your members, this bird who tries to be as cool as we are. Well, he doesn't have to try. Everybody's coo in their own way. People in this world should love each other. They should smoke LSD. It makes the world better.


So, now we take our bongos, go to the forest, take our clothes off, smoke some funny things, be happy and make love to each other and sing and dance.


I hope all you people remember that we love you.



Love, peace and happiness.



:kiss: :smoking:

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:dozey: language really is not big in schools any more is it? they only teach you one sentence. It's sad back in the old days the teachers weren't that hot (they would never make my magazine) but at least you'd hear what they had to say.

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