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The "My Brother or Sister just left for College/Uni" Thread


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You'll get used to it soon, probably. My sister left last week, but her college is only an hour away so she'll come home once every few weekends...she came home this weekend for labor day weekend.


Where does your brother go to college?


Western Connecticut State University

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I have 3 siblings. I've recently moved back home after 2 years. It's actually kinda depressing. My little brother was on break from going to school up north in San Francisco. While he was here, it was cool. But, when he had to leave, you have no idea how sad I was :(

Then on monday, my other brother is leaving w/ the army for Iraq :dozey:... So, yeah, feeling a little abandoned. So, it's just me w/ my parents. And, by the way, my other brother lives w/ his girlfriend. So, I'm totally missing my brothers right now. :(

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