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Obama in my city?!?!


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:o Today Barack Obama visited a local public school in Norfolk, Va. And that school was less than two blocks away from MY school! But it was a public school and he's all about public school reform so he didn't pay my [private] school a visit, and we were sad.

And my AP government class wanted to take a 'field trip' down to that school, but his visit wasn't open to the public.



Sorry for the random thread, I thought it was pretty interesting.

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I worked in the Senate in DC last summer, so I interacted with him almost on a daily basis for a month. Really awesome guy to just chat with--he loved to talk about the NBA Finals, as they were going on at the same time. Totally down to earth and awesome. And he (at least he used to) have an Illinois town hall meeting in one of the Senate office buildings every week for citizens of Illinois...or those of us who pretended we were. :laugh4: Anyway, I got to speak to him again afterward and got a picture with him.


I've also seen him speak twice here in my hometown, while he was campaigning for the primaries, which was really cool. In fact, you may have heard on the news back in April of two kids who got suspended for skipping gym class to meet Obama--who happen to be two of my best friends. That was one adventure I wish I took part in!

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