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Terry Fox


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Do you guys know of him?


If you do, what are your thoughts? If you dont...


This is the link to the terry fox foundation, you can always google him and learn more..



I've known of him for a very long time, especially being Canadian. Yesturday was the 28th annual Terry Fox Run, and today in school we watched a 45 minute long video on him. School's hold the run in a few weeks..


His story is so moving, and so inspiring.. I've never been so touched..


Just figured i'd share the thought..


He was able to help raise so much money for cancer research.. yet he still lost to the cause he was fighting for.. Its a shame that not as many people in the world know of his story..

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^ Sounds good!


this is so sad.. only one reply :cries:


But i failed to mention what Terry actually did..

Basically.. since childhood, Terry was very competitive.. and he enjoyed sports.. he worked very hard and was very determined. Sports was his passion.. he joined the bball team.. and he wasnt the greatest of a player.. and he worked so hard that he became started within one year.


Then a few years later, he got diagnosed with bone cancer, and they had to amputate his leg within 72 hours. *Forgive me if my facts arent exactly right.. i dont remember the exact numbers, and dates, and ages, etc etc*


Obviously, his life changed. He continued to play sports.. he teamed up with Rick Hansen, and they formed a bball team etc. (This was in the 80s btw, so not a lot of ppl knwe about cancer and its affects.. ) Terry realised that he was not the only person in the world that this has happened too, and he wanted to spread awareness and raise money for research.. because at this point in time there wasnt a lot of research on cancer.


So he started the 'marathon of hope' in which he ran across canada, on his one leg, in order to raise money. And his marathon didnt even get a lot of attention, or publicity, or even raise a lot of money, until like half way into it.. when people started to realise how amazing Terry really was.


Long story short.. he had a goal of having every single person in the country donate atleast one dollar.. and he worked very very very hard in order to get to that goal.. and when by the time he did, he was back in a hospital bed because a cancer had grew in his lungs.


He raised millions of dollars for cancer research, but still lost to his fight against cancer..


He serves an inspiration to all.. and im very proud to say that he was Canadian :)

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