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Hi from Germany!


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I'm a 24-year-old student from Germany, on the border to France.

I think I have kind of a "bumpy" fan history...

(In mathematical terms - it could be described as exponential :) )

I always liked their music, had the second album, listened to X&Y at work A LOT.

But I never really got my teeth into the band (if that is the correct expression for not doing a lot of research, just enjoying the music).

I was in London in June when the album was released - of course "Viva la vida" was everywhere!

I bought "Q Magazine" and became more interested.

I loved the new album immediately, especially "Lost" (in both versions) and "Strawberry Swing".

After listening to the BBC Radio 1 concert I was hooked...

So I had a look at the tour dates and since Strasbourg is not very far from where I live and standing tickets were a lot cheaper than in Germany I bought my ticket!!



So on September 1st was my first Coldplay concert and it was just PERFECT!!

Even though it felt like 36 degrees in the Zenith, Coldplay had my body under control:

One time I had the goosebumps (esp. during "Hardest part"), a moment later I was just dancing, clapping and singing!

It was "musical sex"!! :lol:

I didn't even try to get close to the stage, we were standing in front of the technics area and that spot was fine.


So after the concert I tried to find out as much as I could... and I'm still floating on that cloud, enjoying the music and thinking back to the atmosphere.


What I especially love is that they're so funny!

I didn't know "The Nappies" or the Christmas Message 2006, that is just priceless!

In the past weeks I started my "Coldplay studies" and soaked in everything related to the band: this site of course (wow, you can spend entire nights on here and just forget the time), interviews, the timeline on coldplay.com, pictures, just as I said - everything!


So now I am on coldplaying.com and the official site every day, read what you guys are writing and follow each concert thread like I was there myself.


Last night arrived my "LIVE 2003" DVD and I enjoyed every minute of it with my hi-fi system well turned up!


The Board is just HUGE!


Thanks to everyone for collecting all the stuff, I am so glad that site exists.


Long post short:

See you around!

Love, Anna

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