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Right up front, I feel the need to put up a disclaimer of my intent, for fear of the predictable flaming backlash posts this thread will most likely incur.


My object is to see if there is anyone in this forum willing to have an articulated, intelligent, and informed discussion on the new album. I hate to say it, but I've crusied the forums (while not being a member) for some time and I've seen plenty of what appears to be a blind following toward Coldplay, absent of any criticism or dissent. Again I have to say that my point here is not to find people who hate Coldplay or anything of a similar notion. However, I very strongly believe that no band in the world is beyond intelligent criticism, and I feel that this forum provides too much of a one-sided view to things. I'm only trying to present an opposite point of view here, and if you can't accept that in a mature manner than you don't have any place replying to this thread.

Now to the album:



I have been a staunch Coldplay fan since 'Parachutes' came out. That was an amazing album with an astounding collection of songs for a band just releasing their debut LP (or any band for that matter). And who cares if it was pretty much the main reason why Coldplay were voted the band most likely to put you to sleep? Since when does great music have to be up-tempo? 'Yellow' carried the band of obscurity, and as decent as that song is, it pales in comparison to gems like the beautifully dark 'Spies', 'Trouble, and the simplistic yet compelling 'Don't Panic'. Cover, to cover, a great album.


'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' is, in my opinion, Coldplay's best album (though 'Parachutes' comes damn close). Shedding the skin of their somewhat sedated selves from 'Parachutes', the guys ended up producing one of the most authentic and genuinely enjoyable rock albums I've ever heard.


'X & Y' was not without its bloat, and at times came off a little pretentious and annoying. 'Talk' and the title track 'X & Y' were distinctively a different version of Coldplay from their previous albums, that still sounded amazing. Unfortunately, songs like 'White Shadows' proved to be quite bland, while 'Fix You' is painful to listen to up until the jam kicks in. The album did not grow to cover the ground that was covered with the first two albums. Slight misstep, but nothing horrible.


And then Coldplay went out and did the worst thing possible. For as much as Chris Martin has been a purporter of sticking it out through thick and thin, no matter what people say about you - he seemed to crack under all the criticism that had been thrown at him all along. Brian Eno came in and gave Coldplay a piece of his mind, and unfortunately, Coldplay listened. The man single-handedly dulled Coldplay from a bristling group of talented musicians into just another U2-esque showband. I'm as tired as anyone of hearing about comparisons to this band, but in light of the recent evidence, what else can you surmise? Don't get me wrong, U2 are great, but why aspire to be just like them? There are far better bands to try to imitate.




It seems to me that people have it all wrong. Coldplay were bashed by critics for being Radiohead copycats, for Chris Martin's shotty lyrics and wuss-like falsetto. But (at least then) they had it all wrong. Especially for the first two albums, these criticisms were far off. The first two albums, and to a degree the third as well, gave the band the right to say, "We're doing things our own way".


Only on 'Viva' do we find horrible lyrics (see: 42, Lost) and some of the most bland, predictable songs I've ever been exposed to (see: Violet Hill (I mean honestly Johnny, couldn't you have throw at least a little creativity into that "solo"?)). And yet it's being hailed as 'their best album yet'. If to them that is true, it's only because Coldplay changed into exactly the band critics wanted them to be.



For the time and the talent behind this project, I can say nothing less than this: 'Viva La Vida' was an enormous letdown. Music is one of the biggest parts of my life, and of anyone in the world to feel the same way, you'd expect musicians to as well. But with this latest album, I feel like someone owes me an apology. The 4th albums is 'ok', and that's all. But for a music conscious world, 'ok' isn't good enough. Being a famous band should enable you to make amazing art through music, and have the chance to spread that art to the masses who are so wound up in mainstream flotsam that they've become numb to what 'good music' really is. But instead, we've been delivered a business move. Easily accessible, hook-ridden, and absent of any sort of depth, it is nothing short of disappointing. Don't just alter the formula, get rid of the forumla, make something that isn't made for a stadium, make something that has true meaning to it, that isn't so tailor-made to be popular. These ideas don't seem all that hard to arrive at, and I am compelled to believe that the band is now more interested in staying popular and wealthy than it is in making quality music.


I'm not sure where Coldplay are headed, but I would sure prefer that their next LP contains a little bit more care to it. I no longer feel like Coldplay take themselves , or more importantly, their music, seriously. Chris Martin has said that he feels like the band had proven they 'got the job' with their last three albums, and that now they have to prove that they belong where they are. If 'Viva La Vida' is that proof, they deserve to fall far from their stadium rock podium.


As Chris Martin has sang himself, "Give me real, don't give me fake." I couldn't have said it any better.


If you do nothing else, please read this article. I believe it is one of the more clear-headed and appropriate reviews of the latest album: http://www.noripcord.com/reviews/music/coldplay/viva-la-vida

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You are welcome to express your opinion and you did so intelligently. I too have been a staunch fan of the band from the very beginning. I couldnt disagree with you more on your views of their latest effort. I also disagree with your views of the songs Talk and X&Y.


I share your view point somewhat of Fix You. However, it is just as predictable IMO as you claim Violet Hill to be. Violet Hill was and is very un-Coldplay like and was, for me, a welcome change from the over the top epics that preceded it (the album X & Y).


This type of thread has been created, hashed out and re-created over and over again by many intellectuals and fanatics alike. Just to set the record straight.


So, you dont like the new album as much as you wanted to. Im sorry and I wish you could hear it through my ears. Many of us hear something we like but not ALL of us . I think it and A Rush Of Blood To The Head are equally great for different reasons. Please, do not assume that I or any of the other members of this forum "have it all wrong". We just have differing opinions. With so many solid albums released this year you could easily listen to something that you do like.

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I completely understand why you feel this way, and I'm sorry you do not love the new album. Just please do me a personal favor (although I don't know you) and don't ruin this album for other people. Don't go pointing out every little thing to someone who doesn't want to hear it. If someone loves the album, let them love it. Please just don't be like a bunch of other people are, just trying to ruin it for everyone.




Welcome to the forum by the way. I'll be more than happy to discuss the brilliance of A Rush of Blood to the Head with you anytime.;)

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The reason why Viva might not be great is its something so different to Coldplays sound. With A Rush and Parachutes they were MASTERS at that, but with this they are just in the shallow end, but I do agree with your points. I adore Parachutes. So amazing. But I think lyric wise Coldplay were more weak on XY than Viva. I think its a shame you didnt point that out.

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