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help me with win amp


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how do i copy it to windows media player so I do whatever i like with it ??

Please help


I am grateful in advance very



been looking since... it seems to complicated where as I have to download some other software in order to use it. Seems iffy



and now the songs i donwloaded seem to be broken up (big missing parts) or gone .. gutted !!.. the files still show as being there though with roughly about the memory content you would expect to have in files of that size.


i am so desperate than ever before .. I am unsure if I am making a mistake of attempting to download the same file again.


Normally when I do download stuff it will let me load it into windows media player or in a place whereas I can copy it across easier enough.

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i found out its a bit torrent file.

I am trying again I am unsure what to do with these once the download is complete I have looked in the help section here at it seems to just assume you know how to copy across from bit torrent to whatever source you wish already or I don"t see it mentioned in not being allowed for some reason.

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bart, I would say, whatever you download save it in your "documents" in "my music", then depending on the format you can open it with mediaplayer or something else.


If it says zip or rar at the end, instead of mp3, or avi (for videos) then you need to unzip it with a program like winzip or winrar, and then extract it to your "documents"


does this help ?

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