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Hi guys!


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Hello there:)


I'm new here, I know from this site, a time ago and now i have registed me.


I'm from Switzerland, and so my english is not very good, than I had english for 2 years ago and only for 3 years at school. So I'm sorry!


Ok! I'm a hugh fan from the music of coldplay like anybody here.

I'm here to know more about the band, so I do only hear the music since 2 years, and to refresh my english.


In my free time, I love to photographing, any things, portraits, landscapes, with macro and any diffrent things more. After I finish the photos in the photoshop, that's because my job, I learn graphic design, so I need the photoshop almost every day. Beside this hobby, I meet my friends, go out, sing, listening to music like coldplay ;), watching movies from Johnny Depp, naturally other movies too! Then I paint abstract pictures and reading interesting books like the da vinci code (I love art history!)


Okey I think thats it for the begining.

When you have any questions to me, no problem:)


Love from anu




PS: Here a picture from me



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Ok for the Avatar and signature you go to UserCP which is on the same line as New Post and Log Out buttons. Then once you click it, on the left side you will see a tool bar type thing and it will say edit signature and also edit avatar. Then you just make them from there!! I hope that helps a bit!

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