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Well hey!


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Hey there!


I'm brand new to this site, just joined today!


My name's Amanda. I'm a freshman in college as of right now, majoring in neuroscience. I live in Idaho, though I've lived 17 years of my life in South Carolina. I love singing and playing the piano, writing, and going on adventures, such as hiking or rock climbing.


The first time I heard Coldplay was when "Clocks" came on the radio, when I was about 12 years old. I've loved them ever since then! They're absolutely incredible, end of story. I hope to learn more about them by joining this site.


Hope to see y'all around here!

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Yep. As I always say, this is the greatest forum in the world!



Great pic in your signature by the way!:D


Your whole siggy is just perfect, those are my 4 favorite Coldplay lines!


Thanks! Yeahhh I love that picture, it's badass! And me too! Is that your favorite song as well?

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