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Hi !


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Hi everyone !

I've been a lurker for quite some time now, and decided it was really the time for me to registrer and introducing myself !


So, my name is Celine, I'm a 25 years old girl from France. I'm a teacher, teaching History and Geography in high-school.


I've been addicted to Coldplay since the 1st time I've heard them, around 8 years ago. And my addiction seems to grow bigger every day ! :D And since my friends are tired to hear me talk about them all the time, well, here I am ! :P

Unfortunately I've never had the chance to actually see them live, but I don't lose hope !

Oh, and I must tell you, I've got a big crush on Guy. Seems like I'm not the only one here ! :D


Apart from Coldplay, I love movies, reading, Jane Austen (which explains my username), History, walking...

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