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Latvia - culture, marketing, business etiquette


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I'm doing a report on how a company would culture-sensitise its staff when marketing a product in Latvia. Does anyone from Latvia, or near there, (or anyone who has been) know anything about DOs and DON'Ts with regards to advertising; what is acceptable, what isn't, that kind of thing. Thanks so much if anyone can help!

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I only know Lithuanians! Although, they're all Balkan states. Hmm... Let's see - here's a carton of Sea Buckthorn Nectar in front of me (sorry, no digital camera yet.). Looks just like the things you see on American orange juice cartons! (but sea berries instead of oranges) What are you trying to market to them, anyhow?

In all truth, Dave says no naked people on the images, but sex always sells ;-] What's considered OK and what's not, that's the question. And, if you're marketing to children, young adults, married people, seniors, etc. makes a big difference. Target audience??

What I'm afraid works well is what Madison Avenue cooks up - which makes things too homogenized and over-stimulated just about everywhere, not to mention destroys a lot of local culture and unique foods, etc. - often healthier stuff gets shoved aside, since it's easy to get people hooked on sugar, fat, sexy stuff, etc. etc. Hmm.. I'm a radical on this whole area - I had better not say too much! LOL!

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