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Space Invaders Shirt


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i just watched Shiver clip , Will was wearing a blue Space Invaders shirt. I have a pic of Chirs was wearing them too. :thinking:


so , the question is , are they all have the same shirt ? anybody has a pic of Jonny or Guy wearing it? :wink3:


well i'm looking for the shirt here at the moment, or design them would be great :rolleyes:




sorry for bad image quality

and here



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i miss the days of tshirts like this :sad:


but yes, they share, i'm sure of it. is that an unusual thing for guys? i asked one of my guy friends today to borrow a pair of pants from one of his guy friends, and he thought that was the most ridiculous suggestion in the world.


Can't speak on behalf of all guys, but within my circle of guy friends yes its extremely unusual to share clothes. Think the only time they've worn something that belonged to me was when one got soaked on the beach and didn't have anything else to wear....i had my gym clothes in the boot, so he borrowed my shorts. Felt hella weird seeing him in my shorts. Dunno if all guys feel that way about sharing though.

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in high school, my two best guy friends would swap clothes all the time. they would mostly whine at each other about it: "hey! those are my pants! give them back!" etc etc, but i guess i thought it was as normal for guys as it is for girls. not that i'm big on sharing my clothes, personally.


the space invaders shirt and the "BEST DAMN SAWMILLERS IN THE COUNTRY" were my all-time favorite shirts of theirs. i wish they wore those still, or at least more often. then again, chris's "BARACK TO THE FUTURE" is completely epic.

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