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Boston 92.9 FM to air Coldplay 10th Anniversary Special


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Thanks for posting the pic! :)


Unfortunately, 92.9's website points to nowhere. When you click the picture or link from their main page, you get a 404 error. I actually called the radio station and talked to one of their web guys. (Yes, I'm a dork.) He said they were working on it, but then gave me the details about the broadcast. He was obviously a fan. ;)


He asked me to spread the word to other Coldplay fans and I told him I'd post about it on the Facebook Coldplay group and here. :D

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well...I kind of stopped listening. I was poking around the multimedia section and discovered some B-sides that I hadn't been able to find before :D


Annnnd I got distracted by the Trouble video. The old one that Chris apparently doesn't like :p


But their website says they're playing What I Got by Sublime. They had some Nirvana earlier, plus Dave Matthews Band. Plus they've played Talk and Lost, so they make my good taste list :p

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jejejejjee.......... you're listening already???


doesn't it start in like 2 hours???? :P


hehe yes I just tuned in a little while ago and they had played "Talk" shortly after. I'm stuck at home tonight studying :P so this makes good study music...and well Coldplay music will make good procrastination music :laugh3:

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haha I must say it's an interesting balance but an effective one :D.


Anyway looks like we're closing in with under an hour and a half to go. I can't believe it's been 10 years for them already...seems like they've been together forever! I wonder if they'll take each other out for a special dinner to celebrate? :P

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