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  1. Happy Birthday!:dance:

  2. I was at the soundcheck... :-) My sisters, Mum and I were helping testing the wristbands together with eight others before the show and therefore got to go to Coldplays 2nd soundcheck, with Will drumming this new song Roadie has written about in his new blog! :cool: But from just hearing the drumbeat you can't really judge the song - I can't anyway. ;-) But anyway, I wanted to know whether the Italien couple is here on Coldplaying? We got your names to add on facebook after the show but then lost them. :-( Please pm me if you see this!
  3. Argh - billetnet er gået helt ned! Har i fået billetter?
  4. Tillykke med fødselsdagen (der er 2 timer tilbage af den). Jeg håber, at du har haft / har en god dag.

  5. Aw, thanks. ;):nice: Just the fact that you're a Coldplay fan makes you pretty awesome too! :P

  6. No. :\ But.. I went and got it framed as soon as I received it! :P Oh, thanks!! ;) And yes, it is huge! :cool: (bigger than the singles ones btw). I think it's amazing though! And so does my family.... As long as I'm still living with my parents, my Dad wants it to hang in the living room. :wacky::nice:
  7. Roos Anne you are awesome =D *_____* (just browsed through your facebook coldplay pictures ^^)

  8. My Parachutes lithograph arrived the other day and now that it's framed I thought I'd upload a picture here. Just can't make it work though, so uploaded it to my Coldplay album on facebook instead. So here's the picture of the litho and my sister: :P:cool:
  9. Omg!!! :shocked2: ...I got the news yesterday, but wasn't home to reply. :-( Amazing surprise which totally saved my day after a crap exam. :dance: Thanks to everyone who made this competition happen :blush:, and congratulations to the other winners too! :-))
  10. Hee Roos! Tof van de litho! :)

  11. Two weeks ago, when my family, Craig [Craigie-J] and I met Chris and Jonny, Jonny made a joke about Marcus, who is German. "He's not very good at English, but we still know when the things we play are good and when they're bad. It's either "Ja" or "Nein!"" And then Jonny just laughed! :laugh3:
  12. Happy Christmas, Roos! Hope you're having a great festive season! :hug:

  13. In the airport now. A lot of flights are delayed but my flight to Stansted seems all okay. :-)
  14. Hm okay.. :thinking: .. I hoped it meant something different. :P But anyway, thank you very very much. :) :)
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