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Reign Over Me


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Oh man! I saw this in the theater with about

10 friends. They're usually a noisy bunch, even at the movies but were captivated by the movie.

There wasn't a dry eye in our row. (Guys included!)


This movie is a really good reminder about not

taking our lives and the people in it for granted.

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What a coincidence! :stunned: I just rented it but I haven't seen it yet!

I'll let you know tomorrow!

Ok. Enjoy!



Sorry I haven't! :sad:


I know this has nothing to do with the thread... but has any of you watched 'Quantum of Solace'?? my friends wanna watch it but I have my doubts.... is it good???

I have not seen it. I think it looks like an okay action film, but then again I've never been that into the Bond films. It seems like if you like Bond films, you'll probably like "Quantum of Solace"

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