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His name is Michael Vartan, and omg yes I think that alllll of the time!!!! Back in 2004 when I first started listening to Coldplay, There was a show on abc called "Alias" at the time (that Michael starred in) well I used to watch that show... and I always thought that they looked similiar.. not twins or anything. but definitely similiar. And again today, I was watching the movie "Never Been Kissed" and started thinking about it again. It's crazy that you posted this because I was just thinking about it today.

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no i don't see the resemblance at all! But when I watch House, Hugh Laurie and Chris look a like!


Agreed I think that's most likely the way Chris is gonna look when he turns 50!!!:D:D


That's why I also love Hugh Laurie!!!:lol:

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