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  1. This. I'm sorry but lately their music has been anything but respect worthy. And yes I know I will get flack for saying so, but it doesn't change the facts.
  2. ~Parachutes- High Speed ~AROBTH- Daylight (incredibly difficult to choose because I legitimately think every song is amazing. ~ X&Y- Fix You ~Viva- Death and All His Friends ~MX- Princess of China (incredibly difficult to choose because I legitimately think every song is crap. :)
  3. 2003 for sure. Felt more personal and real.Too much flash/ not enough substance in the new one.
  4. I love this band, but this album simply wasn't up to snuff in my opinion. I don't see a win happening, and I don't really feel they deserve it...
  5. Yuck, but I didn't expect any better so... whatever I'm over it, its sad but this is their music now.
  6. I'll probably get stoned for this, but I think he looks old because he's too thin right now. It makes his face look gaunt and I usually associate that with men getting older. If he put on just a couple pounds I think it would work wonders.
  7. Without question its The Twisted Logic Tour for me.
  8. utterly awful. I think this might be it for me, unfortunately I don't think there's any coming back from this for them. I would except better from a teen age band on their first record, frankly this video is embarrassing.
  9. I agree with the overall rating, but the review itself, not so much. It always annoys me when I come away from a review feeling the author has more against the band as individuals than the music they produce.
  10. I cant because there isn't one. Heck even if I was Rhianna I would be upset, its like he saved his crappiest song ever for his first duet.
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