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I've decided to do one of these aswell, because I'm not new as such,

Just I've posted more over the last 2 days than ever, so I think I've only just became active really.


My Names Chris

I'm 16 and go to College

I'm from Sunderland in the North East Of England (Near Newcastle)

It's a complete shithole to be fair

The only good thing musically to come out of Sunderland in Recent Years is The Futureheads,

Theyre Semi-famous, you hear Chris Mention them during Yellow Live at the BBC :)


My Favourite Bands are Coldplay, Oasis, The Beatles, The Smiths, Radiohead, Kasabian and The Streets.


You'll probably find me camping out on this forum quite a lot

As Music (Particularly Coldplay) is my life

I always write songs and hope to make a career out of it,

But I've got a long way to go yet :P



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