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Helloo-- best night ever.


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[i didn't know if I should've posted this under the "new members" or "live shows" thread]


I've been a fan of Coldplay since forever but the Hammerstein show really brought back my love for them.


So I discovered this site quite recently (right after the yahoo liveset show to be exact), but I finally decided to join the forum because I wanted to share what I discovered during class today! I don't think it's been posted? I have no idea when this was posted but the actual concert isn't up until 12/1 (most of you probably knew that already)


That show was hands down top 3 best nights of my life. My roommate and I were front and center. Guy and I made eye contact during the show and I took that opportunity to profess my love for him, which prompted him to turn away but then as they took the stage again for Q&A, he HELD my hand as he walked by. HELD IT. 4 SECONDS. My roommate turned to me immediately afterwards and said "what the fuck? he totally bypassed my hand and went for yours." I was also the one who suggested that sit at the edge of the stage since they weren't fond of the stools and they actually did! We met Chris after the show as he was leaving. Had a nice little conversation with him about gwyneth.


Hopefully these all work...




Pictures taken from my camera phone:






I look like crap but LOOK AT HIM!



So I just spent the past 30 minutes at work trying to figure out how to embed a video onto this thread but I have to do actual work now, so here are the links (it's worth ittt):




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