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Yahoo Live Set Q&A videos up! [2008]


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[i didn't know if I should've posted this under the "new members" or "live shows" thread, so i did both]


Hii all! So I just joined today but I've been a fan of Coldplay since forever and the Hammerstein show really brought back my love for them.


So I discovered this site quite recently (right after the yahoo liveset show to be exact), but I finally decided to join the forum because I wanted to share what I discovered during class today! I don't think it's been posted? I have no idea when this was posted but the actual concert isn't up until 12/1 (most of you probably knew that already)


That show was hands down top 3 best nights of my life. My roommate and I were front and center. Guy and I made eye contact during the show and I took that opportunity to profess my love for him, which prompted him to turn away but then as they took the stage again for Q&A, he HELD my hand as he walked by. HELD IT. 4 SECONDS. My roommate turned to me immediately afterwards and said "what the fuck? he totally bypassed my hand and went for yours." I was also the one who suggested that sit at the edge of the stage since they weren't fond of the stools and they actually did! We met Chris after the show as he was leaving. Had a nice little conversation with him about gwyneth.


Hopefully these all work...




So I just spent the past 30 minutes at work trying to figure out how to embed a video onto this thread but I have to do actual work now, so here are the links (it's worth ittt):





Pictures taken from my camera phone:






I look like crap but LOOK AT HIM!

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eeeeeeeeeee! Great find!!!!:thumbsup: And Welcome!!!! oh and spillll...more details please...how/when did you meet Chris!?!


I was there as well (when you see that vid look for a pink blob close to the front and slightly to the right hehehehe) and it was an incredible night. From those pics you must been maybe in front of me?


Aww it's so nice to see these, in good quality. And relive the night:nice:




Aren't they all so fucking cute & adorable & hot! SQUUUUUUEEEEEEE. (sorry, fangirl moment LOL)

I still can't believe I got to see that w/ my very own eyes, soclose to me:bomb:

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ahh this is forum thing is so addicting...


so my roommate and I hung around after the show hoping to collect some stuff (picks, setlist, the posters outside the venue) but no luck. as we were out front though we see the guy that was like the stage manager for the whole thing-- that one guy that basically told everyone to clap or sit down or whatever-- and i asked him if the band exits on the next block (35th st) and he said yeah. so we headed over and when we got there there was like 7 or 8 other people waiting on one side of the barricades. we decide to head over to the other side since there was no one waiting over there. i talked to the security guy a bit, he said that half of the band had already left, along with jay and beyonce. we waited for like 5 minutes and then Chris came out. Since my roommate and I were the only ones on the left side of the barricades, which also happened to be the closer side to the door, he headed over to us first and i go "Chris! can i have a hug?" and he was like yeah sure! Then I asked for a picture. I told him it was a great show and asked if gwyneth was in town because my roommate is a huge gwyneth fan (she was speechless at the time). He said she wasnt. Then my roommate asked him a question James Lipton asked gwyneth on Inside the Actors Studio (if heaven existed what would you like to hear God say at the pearly gates?) He said good question (which I pointed out was his answer for every question. bitch move? ergg i was so nervous) and then asked what gwyneth's response was, which my roommate didn't remember. He thanked us for going to the show and hanging around and moved on to the other fans. He was so incredibly nice.


Oh and cookymnstr I was totally looking for myself in the videos as well... I'm the blob in the center wearing the black converses. Also, this may be me making shit up but i'm pretty sure i'm that blurry hand in your signature picture because that looks like the bracelet I always wear and I think thats when they were saying how they didn't like to sit on stools and i was like "you guys should just sit right here!" and gestured to the end of the stage.


i wish i would relive that night every night of my life.

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and i go "Chris! can i have a hug?" and he was like yeah sure!


ohmygawd!!!!:shocked2:squeeeeee!:dance: such a great story, lucky duck!!! thanks for posting...


damn, we did hang around a little in the front after show, but not long enough...next time, next time hehe.

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