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Coldplay has 3 VMA nominations what are their chances?


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Video Music Awards nominations:


Best Group Video-


B2K f/ P. Diddy=Bump Bump Bump

Good Charlotte=Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

The White Stripes=Seven Nation Army

***Coldplay=The Scientist***

Donnas=Take it off


Best Direction in a Video-


***Coldplay=The Scientist***

Justin Timberlake=Cry Me a River

Sum 41=The Hell Song

Johnny Cash=Hurt

Missy Misdemeanor Elliot=Work It


Best Breakthrough Video-


***Coldplay=The Scientist***

Sum 41=The Hell Song

Queens of the Stone Age=No one knows





I think they have a good chance at winning the Group Video. That would be great and also the Breakthrough Video. Best Direction might go to Missy Elliot though. They are also performing too. I hope that they win awards that would be cool!! What do you guys think about their chances?

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coldplay i think might win one. im not sure. but Johnny Cash's hurt is a big contendor. and i have to give props for that vid because it was very emotional. and I love Missy Elliot. I thinkthey should either win group vid or breakthrough vid.

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