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Aussies can win a VIP pass!


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just read this -


Coming Soon - WIN The Ultimate Coldplay Experience

Register your details with Visa Entertainment to be the first to know about The Ultimate Coldplay Experience. Eight winners*** will get to meet the band, attend a backstage tour and a sound check with a friend, plus more.



^from the visa entertainment site.



you have to register your visa details awwww i can't purchase my tickets with a visa cos i dont have ONE :(...


can someone take me if they win :D i'll bring the munchies :P

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I've got Visa and I'm buying my tickets pre-sale :dance: (that's if the other people less deserving than me of course, beat me to it haha :shifty:). If I win, I'll take ya with me, I mean I wouldn't know about this if you didn't tell me ay haha. Though if it's in Brissy, you gotta come here deal? haha :D

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