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Good Morning!

Guest Osaka Sun

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Guest Osaka Sun

Well, after a couple of days of posting around here, I'd like to introduce myself.


I'm Osaka Sun, a soft rock and rock n' roll addict who became an extreme Coldplay with VLVADAAHF this year and is waiting for my pre-order for Prospekt's March to come into Toronto this week. As people have seen in "The Instrument Room" forum, I've also just begun to play the acoustic guitar (Coldplay inspired me to do so) and when I feel I am good enough (that may take a while :D), I'll try to make a cover of some tracks from the band.


Also, who agrees with me here that Coldplay should return to Canada ASAP and that Chris Martin is the luckiest man in the world? (Gwyneth is one beautiful woman) :P



Hope to see you around in the forums!

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