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There's a new contest from my radio station in Toronto....


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To win a trip to Orlando to see Coldplay perform. I think it's 2 or 3 nights accomodation and tickets to the show and airfare. How wonderful would that be if I could win a trip to Orlando?! Oh no but why can't I? The only way to win is to go to this club downtown on Friday nights and fill out a ballet and they will announce the winner next week and I think that person needs to be at the club at the time they announce it. I am not 19 therefore I can't even get into the club :cry:

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we should really plan to all meet at a coldplay gig somewhere...although as an after thought it would be kinda random and difficult to find something everyone could get to. ah well' date=' it was a nice idea. :D[/quote']



Where do you live Bethany?

Some people on this board have already met.

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i think you two should definetly plan to meet. it would be our first set of ppl to meet that live in different countries.


ah i wish i could meet you all. :D


If I could afford it I definitely would. Didn't you say you were travelling somewhere next year Ginger?

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