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What is your least favorite Coldplay song?


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*feels the pain* yeah...uh...i'd choose God Put A Smile On My Face I think...because well first of all he didnt, 2nd there's this girl who put in on a tape for me once and well, now we no longer speak..and i just cant bear to hear it anymore..and 3rd MTV are playing the shit out of it right now and.......arrrrgghhh :angry: :angry: ...really if it wasnt for reason #2 i'd probably still like it

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I'm sorry. :/ Its understandable. I used to love, love, love Clocks until it got waaayyy too much radio play. Bleckk... when I hear it now I just switch it off... which I feel like is a crime b/c I love Coldplay so much. :lol:


:) ...yeah whenever GPASOMF comes on MTV i switch to something else...it feels like a cardinal sin & blasphemy because i love em, but yeah...just cant bear it right now...plus in general i'm not to big on songs where god is mentioned more than once, not to mention it being in the title..yeah i got issues with all that! :rolleyes: :)

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yeah... me too, but I love GPASUYF. Even w/ the God reference. :lol:


The Scientist video has been played non-stop here. :angry: I'm so sick of it. I still love the song, but if I see that video one more time... :angry: :lol:


i tell ya what good god reference music i can stand though - NIN!


esp. the stuff on the Downward Spiral!!

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