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Coldplay Asian Chatterers Thread


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Hello Asians!

we are planning to make an asian coldplay forum!


firstable it was rudy's idea (rudy_o) and we already made our decisions to decide in the thread :)

we need some advice and opinions from all of you (outside of asians are appreciated!) :cool:


we have to know about the pros and cons in creating a messageboard, because this is the first time we'll make it and also i think this site has never been made before (said grids)


please give your opinion about this project, or any comments if you want is much more appreciated :nice:


thank you for the corporation.




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Sounds like a good idea... a board just for us forever-suffering Asian fans!


Maybe I can find more fans from my country... :uhoh:




But it is hard work - first to set it up, then to attract new users, and then to maintain the board, moderating threads etc.


Be prepared to invest a lot of time in it. But when it becomes successful, it's an awesome feeling :nice:


If you need any assistance, I'd gladly help :D

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Yeah, it must be planned wisely. But, I think there are not many Asians that really interested with Coldplay :disappointed: How many Asians do you know in Coldplaying?



Me, you, grids, ioshi, freddyfu...


I know there are a couple more that you know of...


But not much still :(


Strangely enough, tickets for a Coldplay concert in Singapore can still sell out in half a day :thinking:

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Come to KL please!! :bigcry: I think I won't go to Singapore, because it's too far from Ipoh..Besides I dont have any friends to go with me.. I dont want to be alone there!!!! :bigcry: I'm not sure :\

Well I could always show you around if you don't mind :\ But it's definitely tough to go to a foreign land by yourself.


I'm 24 and I'm still a little apprehensive of travelling by myself :uhoh:

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