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i was watching vh1's top 20 countdown (not to mention that coldplay's the scientist is number 12. and that stupid skinny but ho host HAD to mention chris's surfing incident.argh) and after the white stripes video the sknny butt ho host was saying that jack black(i think thats his name) was in a car accident broke his finger so the tour dates were cancelled for the white strips. well jack talked about the incident on their site and he said that he has merrily escaped the history of rock n roll death. meaning that alot of different rock n roll legends had died at the age of 27. (kurt koban janis joplin) and he had turned 28 an hour before the accient!! to me. that is some freaky shit. not to mention its 3 am here and i keep seeing ghost outside :stunned: :stunned:




by the way "seven nation army" is my new fav song :D :D

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it's the best!

they're so cute when they're kittens!

at the barn right now we have 5 different litters of kittens!

they're always chasing after each other and its so cute! :lol:


AWWWWWWW... that is sooooo cute!!! I want to see!

KITTIES!! I'm jealous... you've got lots of cows and kitties. :angry:

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