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Question about The Scientist


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I've seen Coldplay once, and I love The Scientist. The thing that I didn't like about the show was that they played that song acoustic, and not with piano. I mean, piano has been invented for this song! Do they always do this, or was it just a coincidence? (Ahoy, 2nd of October 2008)?

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This was the only tour where they played it on the guitar for awhile, normally it is played on piano.


Hope so :). I'm going to see them again in The Gofferpark in Nijmegen (Holland too), and I hope I'm gonna be able to watch it being played on Piano. Gonna be in the first row, just like in October :P.

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I guess it depends on the city/country too, what time you have to start to queue. And what day it is.

I was at both concerts in Rotterdam and was in de front row both times. The first day we arrived at the venue at 14.30, but there were like 10 people. And the second day we were there around 4, but still I got to stand in the front row. Most people arrived between 5 and 6 I guess, because they have to work I guess.

And important is: running as fast as you can when the doors open, hihi! :D

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