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Crazy Things people Do


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hahaha I love it ^ Last night my flyscreen flew out of my window. Hmmm.

What's a crazy thing....


I remember a friend who at a non-alcoholic birthday party for 8yr old kids peed into her glass and then told her kid that apple juice tasted funny and that she was going to pour it down the sink in the toilet!! Yes there was a toilet, not being used.

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The crazy thing my parents do, is put the ice-cream in the microwave....:thinking:


Thats a good thing to do if you take it out of the freezer and its too hard to scoop.


But you only put it in for like 10 seconds :lol:.

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Why were you sneaking out?

go stay over the night my friend rewnda house. her house is a frikkin' 24/7 party. :lol:

big bro's, big bro's friends, little bro's, loud music from 12am - 5am. and non-stop cups of coffe to stay awake.


crazy filipinos.

they never sleeep. haaha





why were YOU sneaking out!?

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Was I sneaking out? No, I was fast asleep and then bang the flyscreen flew out. Maybe someone was trying to sneak in. Can't blame them, I'm just irresistable nah lol.


I just thought of a crazy thing I do. When I eat a sandwich I have to pull the crust off and eat that first then take the top layer of bread off get rid of all the butter then eat that then eat the ham then eat the cheese then get rid of the butter on the bottom slice of bread and then eat the bread sandwich gone.

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I wake up at 5:00am every morning to get a sunrise pic


You should share your pics with us. They would be beautiful. Good Old Queensland. Have you heard of Mackay... I expect you will, we're bound to get flooded in the next couple of days







Yeah you should try it one day

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