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A thread for Fieldhockeysmylife18

In a telescope lens

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Ok so I'm in the process of brainwashing one of my best friends in the entire world, and she finally made an account on Coldplaying!! :sneaky::sneaky::smug:

So I need help from all of you to get her addicted to Coldplay and Coldplaying!

She's really nice and funny and all of you will love her.

She's not online at the moment because she just left my house but I told her I was making her a thread and she said she'll come on when she gets home.

So let's make her a hardcore Coldplayer!


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I'm in!


any friend of yours is cool with me!

She just wont be able to replace our bond with Chris..

Only you and i can have hot dreams and fantasies about him...

no one else.



hah hah of course makayla!! nothing can separate or change our bond!:)

and i'm determined to dream of him and remember it tonight! :laugh3:

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damn straight.

That's what i'm talkin' bout.

he he :D


only you two would turn a welcome thread into a perv thread...

:P shut up erick! besides, she knows what shes getting herself into. she knows me and i've showed her this sight SO many times, and even tonight when she was over my house I showed her the pictures I posted on the Chris thread and people's comments. She was just like you guys are all so obsessed and i was like just soon, you will be too:sneaky::P

getting her obsessed is what this thread is about you know?

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we are! :D

i'm only kidding.

It sucks how nobody can see my personality on this thing.

Really Erick, its all just tough love.



oh i knew u were just kidding...and i knew u had this kind of personality if u even believe me...i'm like this and so are my friends...


here is a pic to start brainwashing your friend...


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Erick that picture of Chris you posted has me brainwashed over here.

Oh no.... i feel the heat comin' on already.

I might have to leave this thread if things start getting too warm in here...

hahahah, you might wanna grab a couple gallons of water and open a window before things get too serious! :lol:


hmm, you're right zoe. we'll find it though. I have some really good ones I can post...

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