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The "I'm to tired to go to sleep" thread


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Who's with me?! i wanna go to bed bgut cant, wanna move but cant, have wounds on my toes :o baaahghh.... i'm beginning counting sheep...


one sheep







two sheep
























four sheep




five sheep







six sheep









sevensheep...seveship... seveleve....sealion.... lion..... capricorn.... star....light....joy.... coldplay!


























I'm worried for my mental health :stunned:

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im ok


stuck back ion work on what is going to be the hottest day on record


hooray :rolleyes:


anyhow, apart from that i am fine, back to paying the bills'n'stuff


so r u enjoying a summer holiday break from school i take it? :cool:

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yep..awaiting GCSE results :confused: they come through on august 21st.ahhhh *tries not to think of them* I should really go out today on the hottest day yada yada yada..but i cant really be bothered...but i still might....

I dunno what I'm talking about...it's way too early...I had to get up because I was feeling really sick and I still kinda am..



Woah :o I wrote quite a lot there! *feels proud* :stunned:

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well this feels well into the morning for me now


although i could definitely do with the week being 2 days shorter - i could have done with a days rest rather than coming straight back into work yestreday but oh well :rolleyes: :cool:


i want to go shopping and see T3 today but i think it is just going to be too damn hot! then again the ciname may be a good place to be if they have the air conditioning blasting away :D


*ponders* :cool:

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You don't know what Furby is? :o I used to love 'em to bits years ago lol




Anyways, good morning everyone! I'm not feeling that well today, weather is too hot (again :rolleyes:), I had to sleep on a folding-bed tonight cos my little brother fell asleep on mine so now my back hurts... my eyes are sore from lack of sleep and I'm hungry but too lazy to make me something to eat *lol*

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furbys are those little cuddly toy creature thingies that my little cousin plays with ;)


*gives chrissy a hug*


snoozles ;)

aaaww yeah they remind me of gremlins too, but the good one gizmo. aaaw so cuddly!


well, a had a super time sleeping - thank god! last night i twisted and turned cos i'm a spass.

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