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The Script: Coldplay Invited Us To Their Christmas Party


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The Script have revealed in a recent interview that Coldplay and U2 invited them to their Christmas party following Coldplay's Dublin concerts in December last year. Here's an excerpt from their interview with The Star:


Singer Danny O’Donoghue, 26, right, revealed: “I went to see Coldplay when they played in Dublin before Christmas. I was trying to walk to my seat and kept getting mobbed by autograph hunters, so a security guard took me aside and asked if I’d prefer to join Bono in his private box. U2 and Coldplay threw a Christmas party after and invited me. I always hoped Bono would be as nice as I thought he was, and he said some great stuff. Out of respect to him I want to keep exactly what he said private but he gave us praise and said he liked the band, in front of Coldplay. I had a couple of glasses of wine because I was so nervous.”


Danny went along to the gig with a copy of The Script’s album, which has now gone double platinum after selling 600,000 copies. He continued: “I thought if there was a chance to mention getting a support slot with Coldplay I should get in there. I was about to hand the CD to Guy Berryman but he said he didn’t need one as he’d already heard it and liked us.”



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Well, there won't be any CP christmas party for the next 11 months, so you can chill ;)


I am going to see The Script in concert next month :)


And since the support acts for the UK tour are already choosen, what about having them as a suupport for the concerts on the continent?!

Either them or James Morrison ;)

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A quote like that from Danny O’Donoghue (specially about approaching Guy) really reminds and puts into perspective the level and power that all members of Coldplay hold in the industry. Takes you out of the 'personal connection' that the band are good are establishing between each fan.


Just a musing!

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