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grammy performance is on iTunes


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2.50? that's a bit much

good thing I already have it on my ipod :)


o can u share it with us then :hug: ??:)





i think this is cool bc this is a big sign that coldplay were the best that night- they went and made it available on itunes..yah! that means coldplay rocked out!!:P



i wonder if Shit Rock will buy it :laugh3: (douche!)

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well I just took it from a youtube video.


I use this great site that lets you convert youtube videos into mp4's.




here is the link to the site. just put in the url of the video you want, and they send the download link to your email.


thanks! :D that thing is genius! i didnt know about that b4...i did it, so hopefully it works for me! thank you!:D:D

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