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Everyone else having this problem? I just knew something would screw me this morning and not let me get tickets. Coldplay just isn't worth seeing live if you're not right up close, changes the whole show. Ok, they're worth it, but it's not nearly as good....

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TicketRush is working fine for me..but LiveNation is telling me that all the tickets for the Charlotte concert have been purchased and to keep trying as more may be released at a later time..I'm so confused!


i'm trying to log on and the main page says we've encountered a problem. the sale starts at 10:00, not for 30 minutes. that's what i want, charlotte!!!! buy 2 extra tickets and i'll buy them from you. PLEASE! lol. i'll try livenation. so confused....

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did anyone get two extra tickets? how much for charlotte? i will buy right now, name a price.


I was just playing around with livenation to get a feel when it comes my time to try to grab tickets for the Toronto gig.


Was working earlier. Now for both charlotte and raleigh, gives me errors. Looks like livenation was open for 15 mins tops, continuation tommorow? They changed the dates. :inquisitive:

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