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Coldplay Guitar Hero Question


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Best. Poster. Ever. :lol:


No, they unfortunately can't go onto World tour. :disappointed: But if you have world tour you can buy a used version of Guitar Hero 3 for a pretty cheap price on ebay or something, and then download the Coldplay expansion pack. And yes, Shiver is in World Tour! It's only fun if you play it on expert though, otherwise the notes don't match up with the lyrics/actual guitar. :P

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Holy cow, Jonny needs to be a downloadable Guitar Hero avatar! :D


Sadly, songs aren't cross-title downloads like Rock Band (and I think they should change that, as while I prefer Guitar Hero, I really envy that feature). My copy of Guitar Hero 3 has some weird error where I can't play any of the downloaded Coldplay songs when not connected online, but I can play the downloaded Muse songs just fine. :confused:


Since I can connect to Live since my college is stupid like that, I'm stuck with just Shiver on World Tour. Which is fine on guitar, but forget the mic, as I truly think it's the hardest Coldplay song to sing period.

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dang. thanks for the info. i had guitar hero 3 for ps2, then i bought an xbox. i have rock band 2 with a rock band 1 guitar for xbox. that guitar wont work in guitar hero 3 for xbox, but will in guitar hero world tour (ive been researching). and i was considering picking up the new guitar hero to be able to download those coldplay songs. i dont want to pick up guitar hero 3 and another guitar.


ah well, thanks for the news.

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