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the slightly less official post reminiscing thread


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ahhhhh well i got 3000 + plus posts to the gallon on this baby and she's humming like an iguana in heat..just enough time to look back on all the classic posts in threads gone by.....you don't know a good post till it's gone...yessiree Bob...like take # 348 for instance, it started out rocky, i think i called some one a goat roping horse botherer in that one but by post # 421 that was all cleared up and it's been plain sailing ever since..there's been some monumental moments..# 1223 was a post for the ages..and #456 raised the bar...#'s 2334 and 2335 broke the mold and set new standards in back to back posting...and who could forget # 45? They're still talking about that one...

ahhhh..the memories..here's to 3000 more. :thumbsup:

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Awww... what a cool thread idea. Now that I'm close to 2000... I got some memories too.


#1 of course was special cause that was my 1st. But... my favorites were #278.

#278 made me realize the specialness of the thread I was posting in. It just... gave so much meaning.

#692... wow... what can I say... it the word I wrote.... well... check it out yourself. ;) It will be clear why its a favorite.

#1005... yeah... just before I posted that one... well... lets just say... I'd almost given up hope in my posting skills. I realized though... that I had to stay positive.


Definite "hear, hear" to the memories!

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post # 458 will live in the memory of all the hearts of the coldplaying hunnies it broke.


post 2887 reinvented modern post symantics and revolutionized the way we post now


post 2999 - on the cusp of immortality, whodda thougt a kid from bumfucksville, nowhere would touch a nation w/ such incandescent lryicism

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