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Never Say Never Piano Sheet


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that would be great, it's an amazing song indeed but if you check the other thread you can see no one has it, til now at least. It doesn't sound that hard, check as many videos as you can, the chords on ultimate guitar and with a little of ear you can work it out, I'm about to try, but I have no time right now

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if it helps, the chords are something like this



Ab, Eb, Fm, Fm, Db, Ab, Eb


"You can never say never..."

Ab, Cm, Fm, Fm, Db, Ab, Eb



Ab, Cm, Fm, Db



Bbm, Fm, Db, Eb

Db, Fm, Db, Eb ---This one repeats til you go back to the chorus chords


The last choruses

Ab, C, Fm, Db



Some chords are like m7 or something but I'm not sure those are just the basic chords, there's a change on the second Fm of some parts. Hope it helps a little.

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