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forming a band


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hey guys, I've been trying to figure out how to get a band together for a while now and have no idea...:dizzy2: Then I thought of this forum so I've come here hoping you guys can give me some tips/advice. Has anyone formed a band where peoples had different musical tastes and wanted to play different things? Did it work out?


BTW, I'm the girl who had the rattling guitar; the ruddy thing still rattles.:laugh3:


I formed a band about 3 or 4 years ago in my Music class with a friend. We recruited other people, but the guitarist could hardly play at all and the singer didn't feel comfortable singing in front of people, so they both ended up leaving.

So then we recruited another guitarist. Our guitarist's friend would always come up and watch us practise, so he ended up being our rhythm guitarist.

Last year, even though none of us really talked about it, we kind of broke up. Our lives had also become a lot busier and every 2nd week our drummer lived 40 mins away, which meant we could only practise every second week on the weekend.

The lead guitarist was a metal guitarist, and I was more of a funk bass player which made the situation difficult. Then when we actually tried to compose our own songs every single time he would come up with basically the same metal riff.

I think we all just ended up frustrated with each other.


Make sure you have good chemistry with the people in the band, because especially when you play live, if you guys have a good connection it'll make for a good performance.

With my band, I had to many preconceived ideas of how the band should be, which made me incredibly annoyed with it. Just remember the Beatle line "Let it be";)


and when making decisions, make sure it is a band decision and that you are all equal


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