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Rating Coldplay: "Don't Panic"

Dr. Norway

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I recently decided that Chris Martin writes songs with more depth and meaning than almost anyone else in the world, so I've decided that I will periodically go through and rate every song based on the following criteria:

1.) Originality

2.) Musicality

3.) Meaning


Each criteria will receive a maximum of five points, a perfect score is a fifteen out of fifteen, I will start from song one of album one which is Don't Panic from Parachutes.



Don't Panic


Originality: 2/5

This may seem like a poor score, but I'm rating Chris' songs on his entire body of work for the Album they are from, and this is clearly one of Chris' first songs he wrote. The song has nice lyrics, but the lyrics seldom change from stanza to stanza, however they are poetic and serve a purpose like all lyrics should.


Musicality: 5/5

when Coldplay went out to create the album 'Parachutes', you can tell they wanted a smooth moving, relaxed sounding album, and this song catches that feeling perfectly. Chris, Will, Johnny and Guy all mesh wonderfully in this song from beginning to end and Chris' vocals flow seamlessly over the music combining to give us a pretty good song to start a pretty good album.


Meaning: 3/5

The meaning of this song, like almost all songs is different from person to person, but what I feel Chris was singing about in Don't Panic is a change in how he was living his life. The song would've been written around a time where all he knew was beginning to change as he was now in college, and now in a band. It seems like Chris is writing about everything he had fought to have, is now sinking into the depths of a more grown up and responsible world, and just like most of his songs he adds a bit of a love line to it towards the end saying "Cos yeah, everybody here's got somebody to lean on." which hints at the fact that even though everything he knew is now gone and changing, he had a special someone that was helping him stabilize and adapt to the change.


Overall: 10/15


It may not be a great score, but considering it was one of the first songs Coldplay ever wrote it's pretty good. Musically this is a superb song, but lyrically is where it meets it's short comings, the repetition of the lyrics does good to drive home the point Chris was making with this song, but a little more variation could definatly have helped.




Please feel free to rate this song yourself and to give me feedback (Negative or Positive) on my analysis, I feel this is a good way to learn more about who Chris is as a person, because if you listen close enough, he pours himself out in some of his songs.

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Are you seriously going to go through EVERY song individually? I mean songmeanings.net could be more efficient for some aspects of this. Unless you really want to breakdown the music of each song like everyone has already done in our heads...


But if you insist on moving on, Don't Panic is my 3rd fav. Coldplay track of all time. It's the track most representative of the entire album. It's simple, yet so crisp and effective. It could be their most "coldplay" song. It's perfectly mellow, warm and melodic.

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